Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Plate O' Pretty

My move back to AZ was already 2 weeks ago, and I tell you what...I have been having trouble keeping up!

Working 2 jobs as well as keeping up with the Etsy shop has kept me quite the busy bee, especially when all I really want to do is work on new headbands (even though I have so many that they are coming out of my ears now). We have had guests staying with us literally from the second I stepped foot in the door 2 weeks ago until just a few days ago! It was super fun, but I neglected my Etsyers. Not to fear!

Yesterday was my first day off and between getting the house ready for our next round of guests and catching up on work, I made myself a delicious plate of pretties:
Today I turned all of those into about 10 new headbands that I cannot WAIT to get up in the shop!

I thought I would add some newness to the shop for my Swell Swag shoppers!

Tomorrow I am going to try and get pictures taken, and get a few up ASAP :D

I cant wait!

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

super cute. Can't wait to see the done headbands.