Monday, December 6, 2010

Adios, Texas!

Wow has it been crazy around here!

I moved back to Arizona just a day ago. Today was my first day back, spend trying to put my house back together. How do you know when your boyfriend has been alone in your nice, cute house for 4 months? Well, blue shop towels on my paper towel holder in the kitchen, bass magazines stacked on top of all my fancy decorating...and a layer of dust on EVERYTHING. Other than my J's little additions to our humble abode, its good to be home with him and our little fuzzy family. It was a whirlwind 4 months!

On the Embraceable Lace side, I have a ton of new stuff! I made a Christmas collection that is to die for, it will be up soon!

Monica Martin sent us a couple new pictures that are amazing! Check them out! Love this little family with 2 of our headbands!

Also, we are doing a giveaway HERE. Thanks Jenn!

Check out the shop for newbies soon!


Amy Fashion Blog said...

Cute Headband. Glad you had a great move.

Embraceable Lace said...

Thanks Amy! Not quite done yet, but getting there!