Friday, November 26, 2010

Holy New Stuff, Batman!

Things are a little bit crazy over here in Texas. I'm in my last week of this internship trying to get everything finished up and ready to go. I was offered a permanent position with the same company and we agreed on the terms and I just signed the contract to start on December 1st, so we are getting things ready for that. I move back to Tucson in exactly 1 week, its so hard to believe its been 4 months already!

This weekend, my mom and I went craft nutso! Next week will be far too hectic to get any Embraceable Lace work done, so over the past 2 days I have made about 17 new AWESOME headbands, and my mom made 3 AWESOME aprons to add to the shop! Now we are up to our elbows in posting things online, which takes a considerable amount of time. We are taking a break for the night, but here is a taste of what we have been working on! Make sure and check out the store, because there are a LOT of really awesome new things.

Check out one of Mom's New Aprons!

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