Friday, March 11, 2011

long time, no see

Things are crazy around here! No worries though, I havent forgotten about you all!

I have been designing new things, like onesies and little Kiddie T-Shirts! The question was: how do I find a way to make a super cute kiddo outfit, and still be practical about its need to be washed? You really cant wash the rosettes I me, my big sis and my adorable niece have been my test panel...and they say N-O. Here is what I figured out (with help):See?? SNAPS!

What do you guys think? The only drawback, is that it takes a ton of time for me to make, but I say its worth it. This way, the rosettes can be taken off while the shirt is washed. They dont pull of very easily either, so they dont pose much of a choking hazard (obviously no sleeping in the shirt or leaving little one's unsupervised)

Thoughts?? :D

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Anonymous said...

Thats a great idea!! I dont have any little girls, but I know how suck-ish it can be when you was a shirt that has a FLOWER on it, only be to be ruined in the very first wash!