Sunday, January 9, 2011



That, friends, is what I sound like right now. I have a gnarly case of laryngitis and something crazy happening in my lungs. My voice quit on me while on a bridal party weekend at a bridal expo in PHX. But, as a trusted bridesmaid I conquered the weekend (voiceless the morning we went to the actual show...which is really un-helpful when Im trying to be a part of the bridal-ness of the whole shabang). I now, have been holed up in my house since yesterday afternoon, and cannot make more than a hoarse peep when I try to speak. Have you ever had a respiratory infection when your throat refuses to let you cough because laryngitis has paralyzed it? No good. No good at all

I have a ton of new stuff that I took pictures of...and promptly realized that I didnt have the memory card in my camera. Just use the USB cable you say? Yea. Cant find that.

:) expect a silent week or so from me! More up soon!

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Amy Fashion Blog said...

I hope you feel better soon.