Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Baby B

One of my very favorite friends has this cousin, who is so beyond awesome that I can't put it in to words. This cousin recently had a little baby girl that steals the light away from the sun with her adorableness. This baby, B, recently had a little "welcome to the world" photo session and her awesome parents chose to use one of my headbands in some photos. (AWESOME)

The thing about making items for people you know, is that its scarier. When I make things I put my all into them, each and every one. I pull out my giant craft table, I set everything up, I create a multitude of rosettes and decorate each one with shimmery crystals and glassy pearls as if they were holiday cookies. I put things together slowly and carefully over morning coffee and then painstakingly try to take nice looking photos. I put a lot into these things before I post them up for sale and then anxiously wait for feedback from buyers, getting butterflies whenever I click the button to take me to see if I have a new one. When I make something to sell I make it as perfectly as I possibly can. I do this because I am proud of this trade I have learned and proud to have my etsy buyers go out and purchase something I made in my home.

The difference between making something to sell and making something to give is the level of personalization. If you or I go to the store to buy a gift for a friend (or a best friend's awesome cousin) we put time into it, fret over what color he or she may like, and shop around until you find something that you feel overwhelmingly stoked to give to that person. You want it to speak to them somehow, and to make them glad that they have someone out there that could put so much effort into doing something nice. After all, we could just go grab a gift card to Wal-Mart and call it a day. Now, I have no problem with gift cards...I sell them for goodness sake. But, sometimes we all like to go out on a limb and take a chance of giving an item that you hope would mean something on a personal level.

This is why when I saw this picture, I felt overwhelmingly grateful that I had maybe provided someone I think to be pretty awesome, with something they felt good enough about to use on their brand new daughter's noggin in her first photo shoot ever.

Thanks Cluff Family! You made my day :D

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