Saturday, November 13, 2010

Awesome Additions

Today was a great day. First, my older sister and my baby niece (and mini not born yet niece) are here for a visit, which means that I get to have tons of fun with them. They must have brought some creative juices with them, because after finishing my baby shower order I made some of my new favorites to add to the shop!
Pretty awesome, yes? :D Check them out online!

I also made a rockin' headband for my rockin' baby cousin in CA (ok so she isn't realllllly a baby...because she's about to graduate from high-school...but she will always be our little baby cousin that we fought over holding when we were kids). She is absolutely one of the most gorgeous girls I have ever seen, as are her two amazing sisters, and I seriously cannot wait to see it on her noggin. (You better send me Pictures!)

And, my inspiration for the day:

Check back soon for more fun things in the works!

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